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Thirsty Thursday: Music

Drink in Hand: 2010 Ancient Peaks Petite Sirah
Rambler: Terry

Are you ever awake for the sunrise? I'm not most of the time. I've always been a night-owl if you will. But, if you've occasionally caught a sunrise, do you hear the music in your head? I do. I don't know if it's punk rock, classical, or somewhere in between...but it sure is good.

Thirsty Thursday: RAGBRAI Bound

Rambler: Beth

Drink at Hand: Ginger Ale...its what I drink on all domestic flights, no idea why

Hey hey hey, Thirsty Thursday here again! Time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. I am pretty excited for my weekend plans; plans that will continue all the way through next weekend. 

Being from Iowa, and having grown up in a family that was into cycling, RAGBRAI was a summer fixture in our house before our family summers were devoted to driving my sister and I to soccer tournaments and camps all over the Midwest. I'm headed back to do the week-long party across the state of Iowa on a bicycle with my parents, but under slightly different circumstances than RAGBRAI's past. 

Two years ago, my dad had a freak thing happen and he is now paralyzed from the waist down. My parents used to spend a lot of time together on their tandem, but once my dad was paralyzed, that wasn't an option anymore. As part of his recovery he started handcycling and mom would ride along with him on her road bike. Differences in speed made staying together difficult, but they still wanted to experience cycling together. Enter Utah Trikes

Utah Trikes built a super awesome handcrank tandem tricycle for my sits in the front and pedals while dad sits on the back and handcranks. Pretty amazing. I was able to visit Utah Trikes a few weeks ago when they picked up the custom built rig and was thoroughly impressed. Ashley and his team at Utah Trikes are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, and they are incredibly talented engineers and fabricators. I captured these images of the team hard at work to finish up the tandem for my parents. 

And here's what the first spin looked like (still a work-in-progress in this image, but you get the idea). 

On Saturday we'll head off to start RAGBRAI XLI, which I think is my parent's tenth and my third. They are doing the ride on their new tandem with support from Adaptive Sports Iowa. I'll be along to document their experience and help out the Adaptive Sports Iowa crew (ASI has roughly 60 riders they are supporting throughout the ride). I'll be using the hashtag #RAGBRAIstroz on Instagram and Twitter as I capture their experience. Should be fun!

Thirsty Thursday: A weekend in the woods

Rambler: Beth

Drink at Hand: Ancient Peaks 2010 Petite Syrah

Thirsty Thursday here again! Time to pour something yummy and make some weekend plans. Last weekend we took advantage of the three-day holiday (Happy Birthday America) and went backpacking at Graveyard Lakes. It was, as usual, an awesome weekend of exploring some high alpine lakes...minus the 100,000,000,000,000 mosquitos that also wanted to great outdoors on the Fourth of July. The 8-mile hike in was probably one of the easiest approaches we've ever done (very little elevation gain), which left us with plenty of energy to explore and enjoy the weekend. 

Here's a few photos from the first day out. More to come from this trip--as usual, we took way too many photos. 

Get out there and find your own wilderness to explore this weekend! 

Thirsty Thursday: BACKPACKING

Rambler: Beth
Drink at Hand: Kleen Kanteen full of water

Yep, that's a pretty boring Thirsty Thursday drink selection, but we are on our way to another Sierra backcountry adventure. Have to pre-game hydrate!

Massey is clearly stoked and yelling her excitement! Tomorrow we will be little hikers out in a great big landscape of beauty.

Have a great 4th of July!


Thirsty Thursday: Sestri Levante Sunrise

Rambler: Terry
Drink in Hand: 2010 Ancient Peaks Zinfandel

It's been just under a year since we were in Italy and I still haven't looked through all my pictures. #fail. I think maybe it's because I'd like to go back. But, since we haven't won the lottery and Massey isn't a famous dog model (she's a diva of course), I don't think we'll be going back any time too soon. So, tonight I spent a few minutes looking through my Sestri Levante sunrise shots. Here's a few. In typical Welliver Photography style, the sky has no drama.

Thirsty Thursday: Ft Ord Trail Time

Rambler: Beth
Drink in Hand: 2012 Silvestri Pinot Noir

Thirsty Thursday here again...time to pour something yummy and make those weekend plans. Last weekend I decided to test my camera carrying set-up with a little mountain bike ride. I loaded up the LowePro and out I went to Ft Ord. 

The day before had been beautiful, but of course when I headed out it was a flat, grey, June gloom day...typical of Monterey this time of year. But I made the most of it. I really wanted to capture these two trees tucked away on a ridgeline. 

I have a bike-related photo project or two coming later this summer, so this was a good first test to see what I could carry and still ride at a decent speed. Hopefully more fun rides with camera in tow coming this weekend! 

Britt + Natalia Engagement

One of the best parts of being a photographer is special celebrating moments with close friends. Its such an honor for us to have friends ask us to do family or engagement photos. We absolutely love having the opportunity to capture moments of love and laughter. 

Terry and Britt were college soccer teammates. We've stayed close to Britt, mainly because we ended up living not too far away from each other, and we all love wine...weekend meet ups at wineries anywhere between San Luis Obispo and Monterey were not uncommon! A couple years ago Britt started bringing a sweet girl named Natalia along. She was quiet and had beautiful eyes. As time went on, we saw the two of them together all the time, Natalia growing less quiet and Britt growing so smitten. The way these two look at each other is simply beautiful...the sort of heartfelt mutual affection and adoration that can't help but warm an onlooker's heart. 

Congratulations on your engagement Britt and Natalia! You are beautiful together. 

Thirsty Thursday: Wandering through the Wilderness

Rambler: Beth

Drink at Hand: Cowgirl Winery Rose

A little late getting to Thirsty Thursday tonight, but better late than never! This week I'll share a couple images from our Memorial Day weekend backpacking trip in the Trinity Alps. To the three of us on that trip, this pairing of photos is a little funny.

It turns out that if you have a map but don't know where you actually are on that map, that map is worthless. Of course, if you use the compass in your pocket, you can catch a pretty good clue. A clue that three military-trained outdoorsy people holding that map should know. So, we ended up talking a four mile walk in the wrong direction down the trail in the first photo, which required a 4-mile climb with roughly 3,000' elevation gain back up said trail to get back to the campsite. The second photo was a lovely little scene roughly a half mile from our the direction we were supposed to go! But, the best parts of backpacking are the silly little things that happen along the way, and the stories those silly things give us. 

If you look closely, you can see the speed hikers up the trail from me. 

The infamous Deer Lake. Infamous in our heads anyway. 

We'll try not to get out there and get lost this weekend! And we weren't really "lost"...just misplaced ourselves for a little bit.